Get a Custom Tiki Hut or Tiki Bar! If you are fortunate enough to have a home with a backyard, then you may want to consider getting a custom tiki hut or bar. A tiki hut is a beautiful addition to any home and provides a great place to relax, unwind and have fun as a family or entertain friends. A tiki hut is also a great place to chill out on a hot summer afternoon and enjoy the Florida sunshine or just to spend quiet times with a loved one and just enjoy the ambiance and each other’s company. You may already have an outdoor kitchen where you roast some beef, fry juicy steaks and maybe prepare barbecues. A tiki hut will then complement your outdoor kitchen, allowing you to not only prepare sumptuous meals but relax in a lovely atmosphere with great views and lots of fresh air. We have years of experience building huts and bars in the Stuart, Palm City, Port St Lucie, Martin County and Treasure coast areas. Our excellent professionals who will not only design a beautiful tiki hut or tiki bar for you but will customize it to your liking. Call us for a consultation, 772-283-4123! Do you have your own Tiki Hut ideas or blueprints? Should you have an idea of what you want, then you can share your ideas with our team and they will endeavor to create a tiki hut of your desire. However, you also have the opportunity to checkout the various tiki designs we already have. There are plenty of great options that you can choose from. Our experienced team will be able to advice you about each option so as to ensure it suits your home and ideas. Therefore, if you wish to have a beautiful backyard complete with an outdoor kitchen and a tiki hut and bar, then get in touch with us and we will be happy to be of assistance! Visit our offices for more information or check us out on-line so we discuss how you can get that amazing tiki hut complete with an outdoor kitchen for your backyard!