Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Alpha-Zeta offers a wide variety of services. Our irrigation technicians service existing irrigation systems and pump stations. Years ago, we found out how important being able to perform any needed irrigation service in-house really was. Anytime a home or commercial property gets landscaping service, the need for a suitable irrigation system arises. Here at Alpha Zeta, we have the neces sary expertise, technology and experience to provide some of the latest and most modern irrigation system for all premises.

Any yard with flower gardens, trees, shrubs and lawns need reliable irrigation systems for effective watering. For the first 5 years in business, we relied on sub-contractors and often companies to perform the much-needed irrigation changes that are so important for the overall success of a residential landscape project. Since studying and successfully passing The State Irrigation Test, we opened an irrigation division which serves residential, commercial, as well as the municipal markets.Contact us for a free estimate, 772-283-4123!

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Irrigation & Sprinkler Services

We design and install full irrigation systems. The starting point is the water service. Lakes, wells, reclaimed and city water are the most common water that we use. Included in our irrigation & sprinkler service call, we reduce the iron and rust from the water that comes out of the well. There are several solutions to this ongoing staining problem. We will explain to the client the options that we have to address these issues.

We separate the grass zones, from the plant zones, from the tree and palm or bubbler zones. Our goal is to conserve water usage and help minimize your water bill should you have one. We do this in many responsible ways, from drip irrigation, to rain sensors, to full water station computerized options. Call us to find out what your options are and how we can help you with your irrigation & sprinkler system needs at 772-283-4123.

Residential sprinkler system

We are able to meet the needs of all customers in need of residential sprinkler systems and commercial irrigation systems respectively. Your lawn needs to be irrigated periodically to keep it in great shape and this is why a good sprinkler system is required. Our experienced irrigation technicians are able to assess your lawn and flower garden needs, provide you with plans for a new irrigation system and install one or service an existing one. If the system you have is not up to your liking, then simply give us a call and we will be glad to take a look and advise you further. Our technicians can install a sprinkler system that you choose from our catalog of residential sprinklers. Call us for all of your water service, irrigation, and jump station needs. We have been servicing the Martin County and the Treasure Coast for over 30 years!

Commercial irrigation systems

Hotel owners, casinos and golf courses all need their lush grounds to always look great. Commercial grounds are harder to maintain compared to residential lawns because of their vastness and usage density. However, with a good irrigation system, it is possible to care for these lawns as well as shrubs and flower gardens. Different establishments have different irrigation system needs. For instance, a golf course would have needs different to a resort. This is why here at Alpha Zeta we provide plenty of options for our clients. You can find and we will help with all sorts of irrigation systems to suit your need. If you have an existing one that needs servicing, repair or an upgrade, then our experienced irrigation technicians will advice you and conduct the necessary job professionally and in the shortest time possible. Simply call us or stop by and check out the variety of irrigation systems we have for commercial sprinkler systems and the options that are available. You can always call us at the office and we will be happy to take your call, address any concerns and answer all your questions. As professionals, Alpha Zeta will be able to provide you with the irrigation system, install it and ensure it is in great shape at all times. Contact us today, tel:772-283-4123!